Sharat was great but he had a typical taste
Shakespeare came because love was in the frame

I tried like hell to keep them away
They forcefully stayed, ranted and swayed

Dev was pious
Dev was clean
They gave him lust
And power to lean
Motive was not to give
But only take
Lust was real
Power was fake

Woh Daas tha ki Dev tha
Kaayar tha ki brave tha
Ya phir har Badshah ke andar ek slave

Daas tha ki Dev tha...

Paro kurbaan thi
Chandni darmiyan thi
Teen talwar thi
Aur ik mayaan thi

Na koi mahaan tha
Par yehi ghumaan tha
Sab bhool gaye ki jeena toh asaan tha

To hell with this life
And to hell with love
Dev means divine
But who wants stuff

Only time will tell
If he is Daas aur Dev
I've simply left him on his fate
On his fate.